Mari Luz Vidal

Mari luz Vidal : Myself in this moment

All photographs printed in c-print on matt paper, signed and numbered. please email us for more information, and transport costs

Fotografias impresas en proceso c-print sobre papel mate, firmados y numerados. contacta con nosotros para más información

20x30cm – editions of 25 – 150€
40x60cm – editions of 25 – 350€
80x110cm – editions of 5 – 600€
openhouse-project-gallery-photography-barcelona-Myself-in-this-moment-Mariluz-Vidal-01-ok openhouse-project-gallery-photography-barcelona-Myself-in-this-moment-Mariluz-Vidal-02-ok openhouse-project-gallery-photography-barcelona-Myself-in-this-moment-Mariluz-Vidal-03-ok openhouse-project-gallery-photography-barcelona-Myself-in-this-moment-Mariluz-Vidal-04-ok Picture 053 openhouse-project-gallery-photography-barcelona-Myself-in-this-moment-Mariluz-Vidal-06-ok openhouse-project-gallery-photography-barcelona-Myself-in-this-moment-Mariluz-Vidal-07-ok openhouse-project-gallery-photography-barcelona-Myself-in-this-moment-Mariluz-Vidal-08-ok Picture 001 openhouse-project-gallery-photography-barcelona-Myself-in-this-moment-Mariluz-Vidal-10-ok

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