the team


the Openhouse team is made up from Andrew trotter (uk), Mari Luz Vidal (esp) , Noby Kawagoe (jp) and Ana Schulz (esp) . we each come from different creative backgrounds, and  we are collaborating with many different people in the world of photography, art and design, and cooking.

Andrew-trotter-openhouse-project-photography-barcelona-gallery-exhibition-mari-luz-vidal-4Andrew Trotter

After more than twenty years of studying and working within the fields of Design, Architecture, Art and Fashion, it is now that i believe that I am starting to find myself. I want to work more with people, always the aesthetic will be a strong part of my life and my work, but it is how the person reacts with what is being designed or made that is important, and even more so, how the people react to their environments and to each other. The Openhouse Project has made me aware of many new things, especially how people can challenge their ideas of art, photography, food and their spaces, and how to share these and their feeling with others.

Nobu-Kawagoe-openhouse-project-photography-barcelona-gallery-exhibition-mari-luz-vidalNobu Kawagoe

Now after 20 years in the kitchen, raising always my level of expertise with Japanese food and experimenting with new ideas, it is now that I am starting to learn about the connection between that people make between them while they are eating. It is the Openhouse Project, that has brought me closer to the people, that is making me learn new ideas and ways to interact and deliver food. At Openhouse, people are in the kitchen with us while we are cooking and preparing food, and are a part of the experience. I always aim to learn more about the food that i am making, and how to make the experience of eating different and better.